REIT Group Ventures is the investment subsidiary of REIT GroupX headquartered in the Greater Austin, Texas. Founded in 2015, REIT Group Ventures has built a diverse team of multifamily real estate professionals with over 100 years combined experience in all areas of multifamily investment and operations. Our leadership team has been through several real estate cycles, have experience across all asset types and classes, operated in 12 states, and have worked with investors from institutional private equity firms to individual investors.
Our vertically integrated family of companies means REIT Group remains actively involved in each asset throughout the life cycle, producing superior returns to the investors. From underwriting and acquisition, through rehab, renovations, and day-to-day operations, through disposition. The same individuals who approve an asset for acquisition are the same people who manage the asset every day.
Commercial real estate investing is the fastest way to increase your net worth and income. Most millionaires in the United States made their fortunes through real estate. We specialize in structuring Real Estate Syndications and source properties directly for qualified investors in target geographies with rent, population, employment growth, and other drivers such as a relative low cost of living and business-friendly environments.


REIT GROUP’s mission is to achieve and maXimize investment returns to create generational wealth for our investors.

What We Do

REIT Group Ventures goal is to create long-term wealth for our investors. We accomplish this by targeting distressed assets, heavy value add opportunities and value add opportunities in both strong primary markets and emerging markets in select states and submarkets around the country, with a focus on Sunbelt states. By focusing on these three scenarios, we can generate strong returns for our investors by utilizing our in-house management company to identify and correct operational inefficiencies, increase market rents, improve occupancy, and implement interior and exterior capital improvements that allow us to command top selling price at the exit.
Since 2015 REIT Group Ventures has built a reputation as a trusted real estate investment firm. We have a proven track record of preserving investor capital and providing above-average ROI, typically 20%+ annual returns. Our disciplined approach, industry knowledge, and market expertise combined with our focus on value-add opportunities are at the core of our history of delivering superior returns to investors.

Our Track Record

Our current portfolio consists of 2500+ units (existing+under development) across multiple sponsored, full-cycle investments in various U.S. metros with great track returns.
Existing Units

1000+ Units

Texas, Florida

Under Development

2000+ Units



Identify & Analyze

Raise Funds/Finance & Acquire

Add Value & Improve

Refinance/Disposition & You Get Paid

Our Process


Ravi Katta

President & CEO



Ravi Katta is a Serial Entrepreneur, technology executive and investor with backgrounds in two diverse professional fields: Multifamily Real Estate and Enterprise Technology. Ravi currently owns a portfolio of technology companies through his participation in Central Texas Angel Network (CTAN) and RE investments in both residential and commercial real estate. This includes the personal ownership of over $80 million dollars of multifamily real estate investments.
As President and Founder of ReitGroupX, he has built a vertically integrated real estate investment firm with in-house underwriting, acquisitions, renovations, property management, and asset management operations.
Ravi’s strategic vision is to grow his real estate investment portfolio to 10K+ units by the end of 2025 by producing the similar 20%+ returns that he was able to achieve thus far, by implementing the best business practices, employing integrated systems, and attracting high caliber talent.
Ravi believes in bringing a positive impact by helping all parties involved, including Residents, Team, Investors, and under-served communities.

Neil Bertrand

vice president




Neil Bertrand serves as REIT Group’s VP of Acquisitions and Asset Management. Neil oversees the sourcing of new acquisitions, including sourcing and evaluating investment opportunities, asset due diligence, business plan development, financing and closing. In partnership with REIT Group’s VP of Property Operations, Neil monitors investment performance through the asset life cycle.

Neil began his multifamily firm in 1998 and has worked for 4 NMHC Top 50 firms, representing both large wall street investors such as AIG/SunAmerica and Hudson Advisors, as well as private individual investors.

Over the course of his 22 plus year career Neil has worked across all areas of multifamily as a VP of Operations, VP of Asset Management, and VP of Acquisitions, overseeing the acquisition, due diligence, operations, renovation, new construction, and lease up of various assets in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, and North Carolina.

Neil is a Certified Apartment Portfolio Supervisor (CAPS®) through the National Apartment Association, and an Accredited Residential Manager (ARM®) and Certified Property Manager (CPM®) Candidate through the Institute of Real Estate Management. He earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Real Estate from Liberty University.

Neil is a General Partner in 431-units located in Texas and New Mexico, has been a featured guest on several multifamily podcast, a frequent panelist for the Texas Multifamily Mastermind, a guest on Propelio TV real estate investing show and presented seminars on time management at universities and apartment association events.

Monique James

vice president



Monique James | VP of Operations - PROPERTY MANAGEMENT

Monique has over 15 + years of experience in development and leadership in property management in the South and West regions of the country. Monique has had the pleasure of serving some of the largest and most respected multifamily organizations in various capacities in leadership and asset development roles. Monique has successfully managed diversified portfolios in a multi-state market capacity with experience with new construction, A, B, C, value add, student and subsidized housing assets.
Monique has found great success with abandoning tired industry practices, by creating an organization devised on relationships and integrity. By integrating our unique strengths and extensive experience, we built a totally unique, family-oriented work culture that is structured by our individual responsibilities so that we could lead our teams with a hands-on and entrepreneurial approach.
Monique Rene joined REIT Group Ventures in May 2021 with a bold vision of revolutionizing owner operated management. Specializing in value-add management in a variety of markets, REIT Group Ventures currently manages over 1000+ units in Texas and Florida and is actively looking to expand in other growth markets with emphasis on building partnerships with our valued investors. Optimal success in our general operations will create more generational wealth opportunities on returns. Monique as part of our Executive team here at REIT Group Ventures will lead and revolutionize our operations for maximum results and growth.

Daniel McNeeley

Operations Manager

[ Property management ]

Phung Ngo

Operations Manager

[ Accounting & Payroll ]