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DFW Multifamily meetup

Tuesday | August 24, 2021 | 6:30 PM TO 8PM CT
Nosh and Bottle, 370 West Las Colinas Boulevard, Suite 100, Irving, TX 75039

REIT Group Multifamily Meetup offers aspiring real estate investors the opportunity to learn about creating generational wealth and leaving a legacy while still maintaining their careers as IT professionals, medical professionals, entrepreneurs, attorneys, and engineers. Those who are new to real estate investing will hear from experienced guest speakers on a wide variety of topics relevant to investing and can learn from other passive and active investors on how to get started.

The REIT Group Multifamily Meetup is also a great place to meet your next co-GP, or a new passive investor, and make new connections with some of the industry’s most experienced brokers, lenders, insurance companies, general contractors, tax strategist, and wealth management experts.

Are you ready to build generational wealth and leave a legacy?

Join REIT Group webinar to learn how the REIT Group Curated Fund
can help you achieve your investment goals.

Disclaimer: This opportunity is available to accredited investors only and requires verification of accredited status to
participate in a 506C offering. Returns are projected and are not guaranteed and are subject to change.